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Welcome to the market research landing page. We strive to provide insights on a range of subjects, using many formats. Most of the studies undertaken focus on the consumer, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find an overview on macro demographic shifts, rancher participation in the Beef Quality Assurance program, or key planning trends.

Below you will find snapshot overviews of research projects that have been undertaken, copies of trend articles written by the market research team for Beef Issues Quarterly, and seminars that have been conducted at industry conventions. We have sought to make navigation easy in several ways:

  • You can create a short list by choosing a topic at right. For example, a subset of our overviews concern millennials, the generation now entering adulthood, and a key group for beef demand looking forward. Choose millennials/target audience as your “topic” to condense the articles offered. 
  • You can scan for imagery below. We have, for example, used a chef’s hat to draw your attention to articles about the foodservice channel. 
  • You can use the search functionality to locate stories based on a set of unique tags to Market Research only. For example, if you saw a presentation in Nashville, “X” the box to filter for “Beef Industry Conventions/Conferences” and look for the picture for Nashville In the results.

We welcome your input, and hope the information provided here serves all in the beef industry to more effectively tell the consumer about our great product.

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Consumer Insights – 2019 Annual Convention

The Market Research Consumer Insights Session at the 2019 Cattle Industry Convention in New Orleans highlighted results of the new “Consumer Beef Tracker”, showcased new consumer segmentation data and provided insights into how beef is performing at foodservice and retail.

Tags: Beef Industry Conventions/Conferences, Consumer Trends, Market Research & Planning

Published: 2019

Steak Menuing Trends Are Strong

Steak remains an important mainstay on restaurant menus, according to the latest trends analysis conducted by Technomic, with high-end cuts doing particularly well. This work provides insight into portion size by cut across the full-service restaurant segments. Operator creativity is prevalent, as well. Click below to access the report.

Tags: Foodservice, Market Research & Planning, Trends Analyses

Published: 2018

Taste Safisfaction Tracker, March 2018

Taste has always been the most important factor for consumers when deciding what to eat for dinner. This is great news given that taste is the most preferred attribute of beef. But how do we ensure our number one attribute does not slip down the scale?  Findings show that satisfaction is high for beef, with a rating of at least 4 out of 5 stars in every wave to date.

Tags: Market Research & Planning, Taste & Emotions

Published: 2018

Consumer Insights – 2018 Annual Convention

The Market Research and Intelligence Team provided insights at the Phoenix convention on the state of the beef industry. Attendees learned about macro trends and beef’s performance in the channels, as well as consumers’ perceptions of beef and cattle production, the importance of digital, and the market research behind the relaunch of the Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner brand and the producer image campaign.

Tags: Beef Industry Conventions/Conferences, Consumer Trends, Market Research & Planning, Research Findings

Published: 2018

2017 Foodservice Volumetric Study

The Foodservice Volumetric report sizes the volume and wholesale value of beef sold to foodservice operations. The most recent study covers wholesale purchases from October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017. Beef is the number one food product purchased by foodservice; it accounts for approximately 17% of all food spend by this channel.

Tags: Foodservice, Market Research & Planning, Research Findings, Trends Analyses

Published: 2018

Consumer Image Index, November 2017

In early 2012 the beef checkoff developed and launched the Consumer Issues Index (CII) program to track the increasingly important set of consumer perceptions related to beef industry handling of issues related to social responsibility, ethical food production and sustainability.

Tags: Consumer Image Index - CII, Image Tracking - Consumer Image Index (CII), Market Research & Planning

Published: 2018

Evaluating On-Pack Nutrition Claims and Individual Portions

This checkoff-funded three-phase market research study was conducted to better understand the impact of heavy on-pack nutrition claims paired with individual portioned beef steaks on consumers purchase behavior and perceptions about the healthfulness of beef.

Tags: Market Research & Planning, Nutrition & Health

Published: 2017

Consumer Beef Index, September, 2017

The Consumer Beef Index is a key checkoff research survey fielded with 1000+ consumers twice a year. In the September 2017 study, beef perceptions remained strong, with 80% of consumers reporting the positives of beef outweigh the negatives. Older millennial parents indicated a strong affinity for beef.

Tags: Consumer Beef Index - CBI, Market Research & Planning

Published: 2017

On-Pack Nutrition Claims & Individual Portions Concept Test

Consumers cite nutrition as a reason for planning to eat less beef in the future.  This concept test explores the idea of changing the visual of standard beef packaging in the meat case.  A concept test was conducted that has on-pack nutrition claims paired with individual portioned beef steaks.  Click on the link to learn more about how consumers rated the concept and how it would fit into their beef purchases.

Tags: Market Research & Planning, Nutrition & Health

Published: 2017

Producer Profiling Project

In support of the 2017 Cattlemen’s Stewardship Review, the market research team conducted a producer survey to profile the beef industry. The survey included telephone interviews with 679 producers across the U.S. In summary, American cattlemen differ widely in terms of their operation but they share important commonalities which focus on doing the right thing for the animal and their land to ensure a safe/quality product. Click on the link below for an overview of the research.

Tags: Market Research & Planning, Production Practices, Research Findings

Published: 2017